Emma Guzman steps in for Ali McManus at UCP/Detroit event.

Ali McManus (who received a UCPLife Without Limits Award in 2018) sang the anthem for 2019 and she had hoped to return for 2020 but had to bow out. We hope to see Ali again down the road.

UCP/Detroit is honored to have a young Detroit area songwriter singing the anthem for our 20th Annual Skate Without Limits Charity Hockey event.

Emma is a known cat enthusiast, rumored star child and compelled by unknown forces, has always felt the need to express herself through music. Choosing to spend her time humming melodies and frantically scribbling lyrics in various notebooks and on random scraps of paper, she has quietly amassed a substantial collection of songs. She has been described by the Detroit Metro Times as a "songwriting prodigy," and one of their top 15 artists to watch in 2016. Emma released her second album, "Roots," on Backburner Records in 2017. In 2019, Emma was selected to be a Tidal Unplugged artist, and will soon be coming out with new music.

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