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Jay Lowman

Hi there! I’m Jay Lowman of Berkley. As is Mike, I am as passionate with my years of playing music (bass guitar) as I am with my sports.

I’ve been playing Rugby for 20 years (16 with the Detroit Rugby Football Club), 4 at Berkley high school), coaching my former rugby club at Berkley high School since 2015, then after watching and being envious all my life, I picked up playing goalie some 12 years ago and haven’t looked back. I currently play goalie for Mike Ward’s rowdy Monday night skate and whoever needs me!

I am once again thrilled to have the opportunity to share the ice with the Sledsters as well as contributing to such a great cause!

Please help me reach my goal (or even greatly surpass!!) by donating on this site to help raise funds for this outstanding event put on by the fantastic MI-UCP - Thanks!

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