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Hardy Segall

Since 2006, I believe that this will be my 9 th trip between the pipes defending the net for the Pucksters against the Red Wing Alum. I’ve been playing goal for over 40 years, though occasionally my knees make it feel like 80. The pain is well worth it and a reminder that on a scale of obstacles, a little soreness in the knees reminds me how lucky I am to (still) be playing. I want to thank my financial supporters in advance, my wife Eve and kids Mitch, Nate and Roxanne. But especially I’d like to thank Mike Ward and the entire UCP Detroit organization for the event and their contributions to this incredible cause. If you need a smile on March 23rd, come watch the sled hockey game prior to the start of  the Puckster/Alumni game. When you’ve finished smiling, start laughing as the Red Wings attempt to beat us… again!

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