Erich Wiemer

Erich is a creative editor and filmmaker. Erich owns and operates Robot Camp, a creative content studio. Although he spends most of his time in advertising, Erich's love for filmmaking has led to the recent release of two feature documentaries. Currently in the festival circuit, “Meet Me at the Lindell” is a sports feature on Detroit's legendary Lindell AC bar. Later this year will also see the premiere of “When We Went MAD,” profiling the history and cultural impact of MAD Magazine. Stay tuned for Wiemer’s next releases.


With his wife Megan, Erich has two future Red Wings in training, Oliver & Lincoln. This will be Erich’s 13th year participating in the UCP event, and he will skate with the Pucksters in support of his of his cousin Noah. Erich would like to thank all the supporters, friends, and families who help makes this event possible year after year.

Erich may not be a be able to participate in this years event, for the excitement of his son playing in the State tourney. His friend and coworker Drew Renaud will stand in as a worthy alternate, and is helping Erich with fundraising as well.