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John Bujdoso

My name is John Bujdoso and I am 22 years of age. Currently, I am enrolled at Wayne State University studying in the field of Environmental Science. I have been playing organized hockey for fifteen years now, mainly skating out of the city of Trenton’s Kennedy Ice Arena. My grandfather was one of the many charitable individuals that helped finance the construction of the two additional rinks that have been built at the complex since its incarnation.

I still live in Trenton with my parents, and I currently skate in a league out of the Southgate Civic Center with a group of old friends from high school. I plan on continuing to be involved in the hockey community for years to come, and I look forward to passing on my knowledge and skills to the younger generations and eventually someday my own children. I appreciate being given the opportunity to skate with other notable figures for this special occasion.

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